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6 years.

On LJ. Wow..never thought it would be this long :)

Should update more often!

Life Update :)

Yes, it's that time of the year again...when I look at LJ and go, "About time I update the journal.." AND have information to share ;) so here goes...

Starting today, I'll be working for Mozilla Corporation a.k.a MoCo for short. I will continue to be based in Singapore and will be working as a sysad, providing on-call support during the wee hours in the US. I'm their first hire in Singapore and their first IT hire outside the USA :D

I had an opportunity to meet (almost) the whole IT team and a bunch of other excellent folks during the Mozilla All-Hands held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View between the 27-29 April this year. It was great fun and it really helped validate my decision to join them...even if I'll be working remotely. The energy levels are just amazing and I can't wait to get started! :D

In other news, I've also just moved in over this weekend to a nice two bedroom apartment. Most of the unpacking is done, about two boxes to go and a while to settle down I guess. The internet connection is up, so that's super cool.

Time to crash, first day at work (again) in a few hours! :D

z0mg! 26! :D

Here's to more w00tness and joy, more travels, more fun, more love, more kickassedness, more f1, more letters and more writing.

Here's to 26 and 2009 :D

PS : Greeting cards sent the good old way, especially when they're from your parents are just super cool!!


After LCA 2009, I boarded Virgin Blue flight DJ707 from HBA to BNE with a bunch of fellow geeks. The flight took off on schedule and thing were fine for about an hour and then we noticed some commotion at the back. Abbie, the lead stewardess was pushing a man to the front and just as he passed by our row of seats, he turned back and cussed at another stewardess who was at the back.

I knew things wouldn't be okay..because the guy seemed pretty arrogant. The put him right at the front of the plane. The German lady next to be suspected that he was a terrorist and we had a little laugh. The captain came out and tried speaking some sense to the guy and he didn't seem to care or understand.

And then the plane banked to the right and I knew we weren't heading to Brisbane anymore. The cabin crew handled the situation very well, and left out the first 3 rows. The rest of the rows were individually informed that the plane was being diverted to Sydney because of the drunk guy in the front and that they didn't want to risk anyone's safety.

I don't think the bloke had a clue were landing in Sydney. It was a lovely time in the evening though, just after sunset. The city lights were on and by sheer luck, the runway we were landing on made sure I could see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge from the plane. Awesome sights indeed :) The captain never announced the city and the cabin crew just said "We'll be landing shortly" and as soon as we reached the gate, not a single soul stood up ;) The Police came in and the chap left, without offering any resistance (found out later from the news that he did cause some trouble outside the plane). The captain allowed us to use our phones to let people waiting in Brisbane know that we will be delayed.

We took off from Sydney after the Police had taken statements (about 45 mins later) and everyone clapped for the crew. We also got to watch free TV (it's paid otherwise) for the rest of the flight. w00t!

I'd have no second thoughts about flying with Virgin Blue again and hats off to the crew for handling the situation very well.

So that's how I "visited" Sydney for free :) I plan to return someday and actually get out of the plane and go see the place.

I've caught up with a decent number of photos from the trip, Hobart photos : http://is.gd/oq2f

OCBC Cycle Singapore 2009

It's been a while since I put down something worthwhile here, so here goes :)

Sometime in early November 2008, I bought myself my first road bike, a Giant OCR3. I began riding quite regularly and slowly increasing the distance over December.

Then I found out that there's a cycling event on February 22nd, and I thought I could take part & signed up for the 40km Challenge and prepared over the first 3 weeks of Feb.

Come raceday, I managed to finish the 40kms in 86 mins 45 seconds w0000t! :D Not bad for a first time I guess. That time put me 92nd out of 302 participants in my age group (25-29). Full result sheet is here, search for bib number 1626.

I've uploaded some photos on Flickr and a big round of thanks to my roomie, Isaq for coming along, supporting me and taking the photos :D

On a side note, I'm absolutely in love with Nokia's Sports Tracker. Absolutely kickass and I use it quite regularly. Tracked the race as well, clicky if you're interested.

I'm really starting to love cycling and here's hoping to shave off 20 mins before next year :D

Happy 2009!

2008 has mostly been a kickass year, in quite a few fronts. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2009 (as I'm rushing off to the Siloso Beach Party @ Sentosa) and seeya all next year! :)


Prince Of Persia

It's been a while since I've written anything here, and decided that this was as good a time and opportunity as any :)

I follow Playstation.Blog on Flickr. Simply because well, all their interesting entries have pics and if there are good pics, I go read up on the corresponding entries. The other day while I was casually going through my emails, the daily one from Flickr with the pics uploaded by friends had Prince of Persia on it.

My reactions were something like : Whoa. Hold on. WTF!!! Prince of Persia??? PS3??? Elika???? WHAT!!! and that obviously led to Your Questions Answered : Prince of Persia and then Prince of Persia Review and obviously I wanted to know when the game was coming here....so off to GameScore and voila! December 5th. Bliss.

Obviously, if you're not one/all of these :

  1. Gamer

  2. From my era (early 80s :p)

you sort of don't understand the excitement or what the big deal about Prince of Persia is :D

Back in the days, when there was DOS, Prince of Persia was the ONE game (apart from say Dangerous Dave or Transport Tycoon) that was on EVERYONE's lips. If you had a computer and you didn't have/play Prince of Persia, you had to be a loser :D Levels were dissected, strategies discussed, cheatcodes revealed...all to save the lovely Princess from the evil Jaffar. I've played so much PoP (yes, typing the whole name is getting painful now :p) that I still remember the theme song and can hum it all out. Insane? Maybe :D

And then I had relatives egging me along. Cousins and Nieces...just to show them how the Prince wins and saves the Princess...and some of them would even cry if the Prince died. Nuts!

So yeah, Prince of Persia is very much a part of my gaming life and life itself..it's something that I cannot forget and that is why I went rushing to Gamescore after work yesterday to pick up PoP for the PS3 on the day of it's release here. And I was blown away by the graphics right at the first level. The scenery, the desert, hills, canyons, the blue sky...just.simply.WOW. Oh and Elika is surely an added bonus. She helps you along and the Prince himself is an easy-go-lucky chap with a ready wisecrack in hand, all the time! The game is no where near the story of the original...and has a little bit of a learning curve. The fighting is just brilliant in terms of visual representation and graphics. I still remember hitting the ctrl key on the old game...haha. In just about 19 years...we've had SO many changes to computers/display systems/controllers and what not, that the first PoP in 1989 and the current version in 2008 are just eons apart.

Gamespot says you can finish the game in 12 hours, I think I'll take a LOT more :) Just soaking in the various scenes and umm there is real life and work in the middle anyway!

Shameless plugs for Gamespot (I've gotten all my games for the PS3 after reading their reviews and I'm yet to be disappointed....every single one has been spot on!) and Gamescore, who've been an excellent source of everything gaming here, atleast for me.

Oh, and I picked up Fallout3 as well. The queue now reads -> Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 - Ep 1, Half-Life 2 - Ep 2, GTA4, Fallout3 (and more of Portal, Civilization : Revolution) because I think I'll finish PoP before the rest of them :D Time...if only a day had more time ;)

It's that time of the year again!

The first even night race in Formula1. Wow. A part of history now and I'm glad I could be at the race in person :)

It was great fun walking the track with teemus on thursday and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday just flew by with loads of F1 and loads more of Zouk.

This was my second F1 race and if I was asked to pick between Sepang and Marina Bay, I think the latter wins hands down. Cheaper food, cheaper merchandise, lovely atmosphere, amazing music, giant screens that were actually viewable to name some. I think the very fact that the race happens in the middle of a city is a win. In Sepang, there was nothing to do after the race, but head back into the city...which wasn't all that much fun in retrospect ;)

I'm sure the organizers will iron out the kinks for the next edition and it will be even more fun overall.

Way to go Singapore, you've given F1 a truly wonderful twist in the tale.

Last set of pics, Raceday - http://flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/sets/72157607704772359/

X-posted to f1

Pics are up at http://www.flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/sets/72157607538474392/

Sorry! No time to describe in detail, but to summarize :

If you're every coming to Asia to see a GP, Singapore is THE place to be :) Awesome event so far, amazing organization and great fun!!

X-posted to f1

Marina Bay Street Circuit

Start-Finish straight, again., originally uploaded by fox2mike.

In a week from now, Formula1 cars will line up along this very stretch to kick off the Singtel Singapore Grand Prix and create history.

I spent around 2 hours walking around the circuit yesterday and took a few snaps.

All the photos are handheld. No tripod or monopod. The lights are really quite bright as you can see :)

A few interesting things : BMW Sauber stuff, Turn 19 - where the cars go under the grandstands, Digiflags and concrete protective barriers.

For the rest of the snaps, clicky!

Walkabout Tickets, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

I can hardly wait :) 24 days to go for FP1 and that'll kick off the world's first night race. I got these 3 day walkabout tickets back in June, and took the pics back then too, just been lazy to upload them.

Of course, these are commemorative tickets, and hence plastic. They're damn cool :)

The circuit is almost done, lights are up, protective barriers are up and they're some very strong concrete barriers...will be interesting to see where the tyre walls will come up, if any. I'll try to walk around this weekend and get some shots of the circuit

Few more pics : http://flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/sets/72157607054264156/


So, finally louiswu is the third Gentoo developer from India. woohoo! This calls for a major partyyyy. One more to the Indian Conspiracy ;) Welcome to the brotherhood, dude :D

PS : I heard of Gentoo from him and can now stop needling him about giving back to the community :p

PPS : Time to grab some more sleep before getting ready for work :p


Infra Update!

I've not written about Gentoo for quite sometime, and that's primarily because I was too lazy to update my dev blog. Since Livejournal has been doing tag based rss feeds for a while now, I thought I'll get it updated at the planet and should hopefully write a bit more ;)

The method we've been using to handle new mirror bugs has been quite sub-optimal these past few years ;) Basically, we get a bug for a new mirror...and we run a few scripts to check if it's okay, then we let the mirror sit for a while before running the same set of checks and the repeats prolly one more time and if the results are favourable, the mirror is added into rotation. This is the process for both rsync (gentoo-portage aka the portage tree) and distfiles (source tarballs) mirrors. The point where the process umm failed was between checks, since there are quite a few things going on, mostly real life related. And so some of our mirrors have had to wait months before they were approved as official mirrors.

That's not a nice situation to have and I'd like to apologize for the delays that have happened in the past. We've made some changes that will really help processing new mirror bugs way faster than before and leave us free to work on bad mirror/other mirror related bugs.

Last weekend, thanks to a poke by robbat2, I hacked up a little script that automates our mirror checking and drops us an email with the results. All it needs is information from a simple tab de-limited file which has information about the bug, mirror address/IP, type of mirror etc. This really takes out the need for us to attend to new mirror bugs, since all that's needed it adding one line to a file and then the rest is taken care of.

The second change is that we now have an upper limit of 2 weeks to close off new mirror bugs. If a mirror is in sync and doing fine, we aim to finish processing the mirror and adding it into our list of mirrors within this timeframe. To this end we'll mark the due date on the subject of the bug to help us keep track of it.

I'd like to thank our mirrors/mirror admins/sponsors for standing by Gentoo and helping out. Thanks a ton folks and keep em coming! :)

The other small thing that robbat2 and me wanted to get out of the way, was to update our infra server list, which we've completed bar a few machines. So yay for that as well!


Flying..., originally uploaded by fox2mike.

I was back at Melbourne Park for the ladies final, and this was taken when Maria was well on her way to winning her first Australian Open title. The match was good, as was the lighting and the crowd was mostly behind Ana Ivanovic (she is surely a darling of the cameras as Alan Wilkins rightly put it during a Wimbledon telecast).

Rest of the set : http://www.flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/sets/72157605851583844/

I still have a metric ton of photos to upload :p

T-100 days and counting...

In a 100 days, if all goes well, I'll be watching the world's first F1 night race at the Singtel Singapore Grand Prix. w00t!

About fricking time...

So I finally managed to finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. I'm sure I'm one of the last souls on the planet to have gotten the book on the day it came out and took so long to finish it ;)

I've been on a reading spree actually...all my backlogged books are done and brand new ones are waiting to be read.

Woohoo. More reading.

Apart from reading, gaming takes up a bit of time as well. Assassin's Creed is one of the best games I've ever played. Ever. Totally amazing gameplay and equally well written story. On the PS3, with a Sony 32" Bravia to boot...at 1080p it's just brilliant :D

And then there's GTA4. Nico Bellic. My Man. Slick, cool. Compared to the last GTA I played...this is just insanely cooler. I don't like the graphics much though, I'm sure Rockstar could have done better (I'm biased after Assassin's Creed), but so far, I'm hooked. With things like 24 hrs functioning train networks...ability to hail cabs...go bowling or play darts, go out on a date...just amazing how they've worked to make the game as close to reality as possible. And yeah, Liberty City and the powerboats just kick rear as well.

Haven't had enough time to try out Half-Life 2 though ;) The Orange Box is waiting in the wings...

F1 fever catching up in Singapore

Mika in the MP4-22, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

I was out with some friends yesterday evening when I found out that Mika Hakkinen was in town for a little promo and there was a McLaren F1 car involved in the picture...

On digging around the internet, we found out that it was a promo for Johnnie Walker's new do not drink and drive campaign called Join the Pact (http://jointhepact.com/).

The only thing we (roomie and I) did today was head over to the place where the event was happening and catch a glimpse of the McLaren MP4-22, Mika, Paula Malai Ali and Steve Dawson (covering the event for Star Sports).

Woohoo! I managed to get some pretty decent shots ;)

Of course, the car never did anything more than 2nd or 3rd gear and the ear plugs they handed out weren't really needed, but it was fun. Mika did a total of 4 runs in the MP4-22, with the 3rd and 4th being longer than the first two along with some spins and the like.

The place where the event happened is actually a part of the street circuit where the GP will take place in September. Rest of the snaps - http://www.flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/sets/72157604312769276/

Melbourne, Day 1

Maria, Serving, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

Date : Jan 23rd 2008
Time : 2245 onwards...(local time)
Location : Melbourne, Australia

My flight from Brisbane was uneventful. Virgin Blue is pretty cool, you have (small) screens right in front of you to watch what you want and all the good stuff is pay per view :) The rate I guess for movies and channels was something in the range of 7-9 Australian Dollars. I didn't bother, since I was enjoying the lovely skies past sunset and the cities below. The first thing I noticed when I landed in Melbourne was the big notice that warns people against joking (yes you read that right) about bombs in baggage or terrorism. The notice went on to say it's an offence and that people do so will be arrested. Eeeks. Paranoia and more Security Theatre :)
Read the rest of the entry...Collapse )
And that brought to an end, a very interesting Day 1 in Melbourne :)
Rest of the snaps : http://www.flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/sets/72157604290718622/

A Quarter Century ;)


Had a pretty good extended weekend and a lazy Sunday at home, watching Kimi get back to his winning ways at Sepang.

Life's been mostly good and exciting the last year, I have nothing to really complain about at all :)

Hoping for many more good ones ahead!

PS : If I need to get in to work on time tomorrow, I should head to bed now ;)


Sand And Sky

Sand And Sky, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

Sometime around December last year, I made up my mind to head to Melbourne for LCA 2008. Since I had a decent amount of vacation time, I decided to make a longer trip and see a bit of Australia.

Slightly long...Collapse )
The rest of the photos are in this set.


Medium Banner - 468x60


I only wish I was there :)

Feb 22-24, New Delhi...make sure you don't miss it!

Melbourne Park

In approximately 12 hours, I'll be at the Rod Laver Arena and the schedule for the day looks like this :

Not before 1330 :

Women's Singles Semi-Final - Maria Sharapova Vs Jelena Jankovic

Followed by :

Women's Singles Semi-Final - Ana Ivanovic Vs Daniela Hantuchova

And then Not before 1930 :

Men's Singles Semi-Final - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Vs Rafael Nadal

The matches are like...umm...amazing. I'm hoping to get some good pics, fingers crossed.

PS : Oh and Australia has amazing beaches and even more amazing babes

Why I like IRC ;)

Short chat in #gentoo-doc on freenode...

<@fox2mike> rane: ping
<@rane> what's up?
<@fox2mike> if I'm lucky
<@fox2mike> I'll be seeing Sharapova at the Australian Open
<@fox2mike> I'm leaving for Australia in 2 days :p
<@rane> oh damn
<@rane> i hope you plane breaks
<@rane> :-)

And a few days ago...

fox2mike/Gaim: and then, I'm going to the australian open
Sandy: wow
fox2mike/Gaim: thursday - both morning and evening sessions
Sandy: dont stare too much
fox2mike/Gaim: sat - ladies final
fox2mike/Gaim: :D
fox2mike/Gaim: I'll try maga
fox2mike/Gaim: I promise I will try :p
Sandy: hope sharapova loses in first round
Sandy: and the williams sisters enter the finals
Sandy: :P
fox2mike/Gaim: F*CK you

Yup. Feel the luvvvvvvv!

sleepycat on atm

sleepycat on atm, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

As I was heading out for dinner yesterday, I spotted this catty, sleeping peacefully on top of the ATM cash deposit machine. Awesome :) I didn't have the D70 with me, so you'll have to make do with the w810i's cam.

At peace with the world...and on top of all the cash ;)

Happy New Year!

2007 was amazing in many aspects. Here's wishing everyone an amazing 2008 :)

And finally, I got my FOSS.IN pictures up... Click to see.

To the folks that make FOSS.IN happen...

I was going to write up something about the team behind FOSS.IN and how amazing it feels to be a part of this team, but then tejasd has already done all the hard work, so I'll be lazy and link to his post :p


Like I'd mentioned earlier...to me, FOSS.IN is about the people. There are quite a handful of friends I meet there, year after year...and then there's my extended family, Team FOSS.IN :)

Thanks a lot everyone, for everything you've all done for the event and it's an honour working with you all, year after year.

PS : Yes, I have about a 100 odd pics, which I will be uploading shortly :p

In Demand!

In the past two days, I've been asked by two different girls if they can be my girlfriend and that too in front of my parents.

Fun :)

Hope you all had a fun-filled and Merry Xmas as well!

Stuck @ KLIA

I was supposed to be in Bangalore for FOSS.IN about 5 hours ago. The Malaysia Airlines flight out of KLIA to BLR was first delayed and then postponed to the next day, because of various reasons (depending on which member of the staff you asked) ranging from the usual technical difficulties to BLR not have free parking bays (which is actually believable heh).

After landing here at 1945 local time, the 250-300 odd folks going to BLR waited for over 3.5 hours before transport arrived to take us to a hotel for the night. I shall break here to pass on my heartfelt thanks to Malaysia Airlines for giving me one very good reason why I'll think a zillion times before flying with them again.

I got to the Hotel at 0110, and left (after eating, sleeping, showering) at 0500. Back at the airport now, and it seems like the BLR flight is finally leaving at 0800 local time (a little over 50 mins from now).

KLIA is huge. But I can't understand how they won the best airport award, if things like their main display systems show outdated and stale information.

The free WiFi is cool though. It's open, so I'm tunneling over SSH. Maybe I'll write up on how that can be done later.

Time for the flight...seeya in BLR :) And if you're one of those lazy (insert words of choice here) and haven't yet registered for FOSS.IN, then Clicky!

For All the Ferrari fans out there

and for code_martial (in response to http://code-martial.livejournal.com/183623.html), a little statement :)



Kimi Räikkönen

are the



I'm not going to be able to sleep now.

Singapore Airlines A380, 9V-SKA

Singapore Airlines A380, 9V-SKA, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

So I was part of history today :p

There were lots of people waiting in the Changi Beach Park to watch the landing of the first SQ Airbus A380 plane (regn. 9V-SKA) at the Changi Airport.

While the light was fading, this mammoth of a plane glided in smoothly for a safe touchdown on runway 20R.

Was able to get a few more shots, but I sort of liked this the most. Will post the rest later.

View Large On Black

Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

Taken during a trip to the Island of Palau Ubin, Singapore during the month of August this year. Unfortunately, there seems to be some dirt on the CCD :(

We had a fun trip, a decent amount of mountain biking, walks by the sea and just generally relaxing. I took this shot when the clouds were rolling in.

Another one I liked - http://www.flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/1498521773/

The set - http://www.flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/sets/72157602287565610/

It's that time of the year again...

And no, I'm not referring to Eid/Diwali/Christmas :p

FOSS.IN/2007, India's most happening Open Source event is being held in Bangalore from the 4th to the 8th of December. My tickets are booked and I'll be there for sure :) The CFP closes in about 4 days, now would be a good time to clicky that linky.

The foremost thing that comes to mind when someone says FOSS.IN to me, are the people. Time for some history -- Back in the days, when we were still known as Linux Bangalore and when louiswu and myself attended LB/2001 (the only time we attended as errr "attendees") it was simply mind blowing. The people, the energy, the enthusiasm. So much so that we told ourselves, the next year, we'll be volunteers. Because it's so cool to be a volunteer and help these folks out.

In 2003, we did that and then realised what "Volunteering" really meant :p I shall not go into the gory details lest I scare off potential volunteers from coming to this years event hehehehe. But I'm sure every person who's volunteered in the past understands exactly what I'm talking about. And as in 2001, we met the same bunch of folks and a bigger bunch of newer folks. At this point you lose count of the number of people you had mini distro wars with, the number of "poke your nose in to say vi rulez" kind of things you've done. You finally start associating familiar faces with names and you know you'll see them the next year, at the same place. Once every year, for 3 days.

Oh and once you've volunteered, you've given away a part of your life. Signed away your soul. One of those Ghostrider type deals :p LB/2004, FOSS.IN/2005 and FOSS.IN/2006 (and frankly, I don't know how many more years are there to come), but it's wonderful. Meeting those people, those hallway discussions, those gaming sessions we managed to sneak in last year, the impromptu help offered in the hallways, suggestions on how we can tweak Apache....that's what makes FOSS.IN awesome. The people. Meeting them once a year. Spending 5 days slogging out to make sure everything runs fine. Running around on those 5 days making sure everything IS running fine ;) Getting hardware the day before, Harald fixing USB wireless issues, Andrew lending a hand in making sure stuff gets done on schedule. All part of the game. We've come to expect the unexpected in these past years and I'm sure this year will be an absolute blast.

If you've never been to one before, you should drop by. I'll be there, will you?

Tower @ Chinese Garden

Tower @ Chinese Garden, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

Taken during the annual Mid Autumn festival. The whole place was lit up, the theme was mostly aquatic life with a few dragons thrown in.

Rest of the pics - http://www.flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/sets/72157602197453397/


One more not so nice thing to strike off my to do list, experience an Earthquake.

Crazy. We felt the office sway, slowly from side to side....for a full minute. It was almost surreal. You sort of didn't know if it was your mind or if it would stop.

I hope there is no loss of life in Indonesia, considering this was a 8.2, I'm afraid I'll be wrong about that :(

More info over at USGS -


Update : They revised the magnitude to 8.2 from 7.9

Update 2 : They revised the magnitude to 8.4 from 8.2


Moon, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

Taken around 1930 SGT today, the skies were actually blue when I took the shot. Hoping for clear skies on the 28th, when the Lunar eclipse occurs.


Singapore's National Day

Chinook with the Flag, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

I've always wanted to be in Delhi for our Republic Day Parade, because it's just awesome. The show of strength and unity is simply amazing as is the atmosphere. I will make it someday. I'm sure of that :)

Singapore turned 42 years old on August 9th and I was there at the National Day Parade. I got to the venue a bit later than originally planned (but about 3 hours before the event began) and was out of vantage points. Amazing how many people turned up many hours in advance with lunch and snacks packed, so they could get the best view points.

Rest of the snaps (some interesting ones too :p) in the set.

The Floating Platform @ Marina Bay

The Floating Platform, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

Taken during the last NDP 2007 dress rehearsal which was on August 4th. This is where all future NDPs in Singapore will be taking place. The view is the Singapore skyline as seen from the Benjamin Shears Bridge. The bridge was closed off due to security concerns on National Day. View Large on Black. Rest of the snaps are in the set. I'll be uploading the actual NDP snaps sometime soon.

I saw the Airbus A380!

Airbus A380, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

Okay, so I walked into office and looked out of the board room on Friday and saw an aircraft with a BIG blue tail. I was telling myself that it can't be and got out the camera....and there it was.

The world's largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380.

I couldn't get much with the 70-300, since the plane is a good kilometer and half or more away and I'm shooting through tinted glass, but still, it was awesome seeing this baby parked on the tarmac.

She's here for some tests on the new Terminal 3 and will be departing Singapore in about 10 hours or so. Early morning, so I can't get better snaps.

I'm guessing they would be flying in at least once more, before the first SQ A380 is delivered in October. I'll make sure I catch that one. Thanks to ti22 for some post processing magick ;)

Uptime foo

$ uptime
03:33:29 up 551 days, 3:27, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

On one of the production servers at work ;)

In other news, this journal has been up for 4 years now. I'm grateful to Livejournal for the many friends I've met here. It's been amazing even though my posting frequency is like once a month :)

Thanks a ton! :D


PS3, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

Now to find the time to play Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas :p

24 hours aren't enough!

PS : Yet to name her, suggestions are welcome ;)


So, finding a place these days are made easier by using Google Maps and/or Wikimapia. I found a couple of places I needed to go to in Bangalore using Wikimapia. Although there is significant noise thanks to the numerous people who seem to love marking out their houses, it still works. I successfully plotted a driving route to a place using both and well, managed to reach it fine. The route back wasn't as easy (thanks to a zillion one-ways) but that worked out as well. w00t!

In other news, Ferrari finally managed their first 1-2 of the season today at what is touted to be the last race ever at Magny-Cours. Seems the new aerodynamics package that both Kimi and Massa were confident about really turned the tables on McLaren this weekend. w00t!

A close friend got engaged and another got married and I was lucky enough to make it to both :)

Had a lazy weekend, looking forward to the week ahead....


Hopped onto the plane spotting bandwagon, thanks to the office shifting to Changi Business Park.

I'm going to have to balance work and this, or this will take up too much time ;)

First shots : http://www.flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/sets/72157600204757968/

I think I'll spend quite a bit of free time doing this.

The Ferrari Devil

The Ferrari Devil, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

The best part of all the 3 days, was raceday. Why? Because that's when you realise that you're normal and you see how many other people are atleast just as crazy or even more crazy that you are about the sport. The whole atmosphere was awesome. So many motorsport fans in one place....

I was wearing my Ferrari shirt as I came down for breakfast that day at the hotel and everyone looked at me like I was part of the team. Hah, felt good ;) The same thing on the monorail, random people would smile...a fellow Ferrari fan from some corner of the globe would nod or wave. And everyone in general knew what the deal was all about.

The rest of the snaps are being uploaded, a few hundred more to go...I'm off to sleep now.


Just as I thought I'd gotten over Sepang, vyshnavi kindly sends in an email with this link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi1EQBVA2Lc

And the memories came rushing back. As did the sounds. I still can't get over the V8s.

I'm going to own a Ferrari someday. That's a promise to myself that I really intend to keep.

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers

Taken with code_martial's Nikkor 18-200 VR lens. It's quite breathtaking....the tallest building in the world till it was unseated by Taipei 101, you don't realise it's true splendour until you're right below it.

These shots were taken around midnight.

Another one I liked...Collapse )

Rest of the Petronas shots : http://www.flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/tags/petronastowers/

Thanks to Codie for lending his lens (which he'd almost lost earlier hehe) ;)

Sepang, Day2

Christijan Albers

Christijan Albers during Practice on Saturday. Rest of the Day 2 snaps : http://www.flickr.com/photos/fox2mike/sets/72157600077941245/

Sepang, Day 1

Nico Says Hello

That's Nico Rosberg being pushed back in after his first practice session on Friday. I reached Sepang only by 1100 on the first day, so I caught 30 mins of the first session. The KLIA Ekspress is a very affordable + fast way to get to the Sepang Circuit which is about 80 Kms outside KL. For RM 100 (Around US$30 approx) this train takes you from the main train station in KL to the Airport from where AC buses ferry you to Sepang which is about 7-10 Kms away and return you back to the station from where you catch the train back. The RM 100 is for 3 days, it's RM 80 for raceday only. The train is amazing, makes 3 stops and covers 80 Kms is about 35 mins or so. Compared to a one way fare of RM 70 if you take a cab from the city, it's a killer deal.

Rest of the photos from Day 1. Some interesting ones :

1) Mika Hakkinen.
2) Robert Kubica, 1, 2 and 3.
3) Lewis Hamilton (only got his back though...)
4) Jarno Trulli (looking right ahead...seems like he was looking at the cam heh)
5) Marshals cleaning the track after Sutil's tyre blew up.

More pics soon :)



I wandered into the SIC on the 6th of April around 1100 and heard an amazingly loud roar followed by 4 bangs...and that's when it hit me...those were the V8s downshifting from 6th to 2nd gear at the end of the start-finish straight to take turn 1 on the circuit. The first thing I probably screamed out was something not very nice, but then no one could hear me :D Here I was...on an F1 circuit and it really hadn't sunk in at that point. I just stood there and grinned like an idiot for 5 minutes before calling my dad and screaming into the phone (over the sound of the engines...).

No words can describe the scream of the V8s down the start-finish straight and the bangs as they shift gears. The cars move so fast that you can barely make out the drivers. Photographing them isn't an easy task, simply because of the speed :D The above is prolly the best shot of Massa I got across the 3 days and this was taken during the race (and he was doing over 300 Kmph..since the shot was taken down the start-finish straight).

If you're an F1 fan, you absolutely should go to a Grand Prix in your lifetime, simply because the TV doesn't quite cut it. The sounds of the engine are one I will never forget for a long time to come. Awesome. Amazing. Brilliant.

As I went to sleep on saturday, I could still hear the V8s...that's the impact they leave on you..the distict Rrrurrrrrrrrrr, bang, bang, bang...

Ferrari didn't win, and that was a disappointment but I'm sure they'll bounce back. This season should be very interesting to watch.

PS : Tons more pics to come, I managed to get shots of Kimi, Alonso, Mika (yes, Hakkinen...god bless the 70-300 :p), Nico, Trulli, Rubeno....it'll take a while to upload them all and I'll make a few more posts regarding the trip later.

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