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It has been a long time since I updated this baby....that's coz there are a couple of things going on right now & I'm busy either in thought or otherwise :)

Sticking with the list tradition (which seems to be the in-thing lol) ;) here's what I need to do/I'm doing right now...

  • Switching to udev (following the footsteps of louiswu)

  • Switching to AC sources. Again that darn !@#$ mentioned in the previous point is the reason ;)

  • Need to decide on a new mobile phone for dad & once its been purchased, flick it :)

  • Need to get my firewall working. Been procastinating on that for ages. Damn!!

  • Some reading up to be done on udev & devfs, for curiosity satisfying purposes.

I've decided to switch to Fluxbox for a while. Its performing beautifully under quite a heavy load (00:50:56 up 5:39, 7 users, load average: 6.18, 5.84, 5.42) on my P3 500, without any hiccups unlike Gnome which would pretty much be unusable at those load averages. I just hope I don't go into another Gnome Withdrawl cycle & head right back to use it :) Oh & in case you're wondering, 2 emerges + the AC sources compile + the 113 other processes running in the system (fluxbox included) are what's causing that load average.

And this seems to be too much of a tech post....damn. Like I care.

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