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udev woes

Maybe its udev, Maybe its just me :)

Switched to udev a couple of days back at home & work. First up, my X refused to start up saying it couldn't find the nvidia module. lsmod showed the module loaded, so I was wondering....& there! udev. According to the nvidia-kernel ebuild, entries are automatically created in /dev for NVidia with udev and for some reason that hadn't happened in my case. Nothing in /dev that had to do with nvidia when atleast nvidia0 & nvidiactl should have been present. Had to run the script and voila, everything works.

My sound isn't working on udev. Alsa can't open stuff, nothing seems to be wrong in /dev there, but it can't find default. I'm working on solving that.

Now, in the office, its putting the USB CD-RW somewhere else, I'm unable to locate that either. Not /dev/sda...

Teething troubles, but pissing off. I'm back to 2.6.8-gentoo-r10 with devfs. I'm not in the mood to sit & solve these right now. And more than anything else, the Alsa issue is baffling me.

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