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Festival of Lights

Well, it is the festival of lights, not of noise is it?? The sound of crackers has stopped now. Somehow I feel this year the celebrations (atleast within our Apartment complex) have been way lesser than that of the last 2-3 years. Good.

I was worried about Spike & how he would take to all the noise. The d00d sailed through without any problems :) He was least bothered by the loud sounds around him.

The house was a beehive of activity this week with relatives coming in for Diwali, which included my 2 & half year old nephew. The last time he was in B'lore, he was all of 8 months...amazing how time flies. They all left today & that means its all quiet and the restrictions on Spike's movement (only b/w my room & balcony) have now been removed :p

I guess I'm going down with a cold & sore throat. Damn.

Lotsa snaps waiting to be put up, I'm waiting for DNS to pickup our new IP. Dammit DNS, do your work & fast!!!

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