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What I did this Weekend...

Ate, Watched TV, Walked Spike, Watched TV, Ate, Slept, Restrained Spike from friends who are shit scared of him (read prikansaritual & to a lesser degree rythm), Watched the match(es) (was nice to see Pak getting trashed) & somewhere in-between, managd to check out louiswu's new T630 (while walking Spike). I can't wait to get my hands on ummm's. :)

This weekend, I managed to see parts of Exit Wounds, most of Bad Company, the starting + ending 30 mins or so of Vertical Limit & after a long time, a hindi movie, Main Hoon Na on Star Plus. After all these years of seeing Shah Rukh, I have to admit he's a very good actor. I still remember being amazed by his psycho roles in Darr and then Baazigar and yeah a Bollywood flick once in a while is good ;) especially if it has Sushmita Sen the way she is in this one. Yeah, I'm *not* complaining at all.

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