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New TV!!!

We got the Samsung 25" Flat TV & a Philips DVD player as well. I managed to unlock the Region code thingy on the DVD using the hack mentioned here. Neat.

Been watching lots of news, the tsunami thing is everywhere. And it is depressing. I want to be out there helping people, but I don't think that's practically possible for a couple of reasons. Sucks.

DigitalGlobe as well as Nasa's Earth Observatory have satellite images of the Sri Lankan + Indonesian coastlines pre & post the tsunami strikes. This site has the 3 tsunami videos, in case you're interested (thanks to mannu for the link). I was interested as I missed all this footage on TV over the last couple of days.

I'm stunned by how puny we are and how puny we'll always be when pitted against nature. No room for any sort of comparison...

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