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Journeying @ Night - NO WAY!!!

2005 started out with a journey :)

My Uncle's come down for his annual vacation & he wanted to see Tala we left on the 1st and the trip was something like this :

Bangalore - Mysore - KRS + Brindavan - Mysore (Overnight Stay) - Madikeri - Tala Cauvery - Harangi Dam - Bangalore.

Total distance - 640 Kms

Thanks to jace for info about Bylakuppe, but we were short on time and decided to skip it. Maybe some other time...

Pics will be up sometime soon, including some night shots of the renovated Brindavan (which looks pretty nice now). I'm dead tired right now.

Night driving on the Bangalore - Mysore road is something I'll advise against unless it is an emergency or the road work that's going on gets completed (Heh. Not Likely to happen in like aeons). It really is difficult to drive on those roads...

PS : Started using the T630 and I'm VERY impressed with the joystick!!!. So far, I'm in love with the phone. Yet to play with the Bluetooth Dongle (Class 1) & the JetFlash 2A 512 MB...

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