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Of GOI Orders & Blocking Websites...

Well there's a first time for everything....isn't it ?

Seems like the GOI decided to exercise its power for the first time a couple of days back, to block Websites. There was a specific Yahoogroups site, which was asked to be blocked, but people like Dishnet, Sify, VSNL & BSNL being the lazy people they are, went ahead & blocked the whole of

End Result : Am sitting & wondering how ISPs can so badly *mis*interpret orders. The actual order is here & the DishNet notice is Note that the order specifes *ONE* site, & the Notice from DishnetDSL says GROUPS.YAHOO.COM in bold. How much effort will it take to simply contact Yahoo to have the groups removed, or just how mcuh effort will it take to block the exact group alone ?

Thanks to jbritto for the DishnetDSL URLs.

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