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I am extremely happy that the shitty pay and park system that exists in Bangalore will be scrapped soon. Why? Not that I mind paying and parking but because the filthy scum who man the parking zones are out there just to loot you.

This isn't the first time we've had to fight with one of these parking shitheads, but this time was the worst. When we parked on one of the roads going left from Church Street yesterday evening, the time was something like 1935+ and there was no parking shithead to give a ticket. Fine, I'm not going to waste time waiting for one.

Cut & forward to 2110 and we're back in the car, there is a ticket under the wiper as usual that says 1840 on it. The parking shithead refused to accept that we weren't in the area till 1930 or later and wanted Rs 10. I didn't want to get ripped off by one of these guys yet again and raised my voice so high that the shithead finally said sorry, but he still wanted 10 bucks. And then comes in shithead no.2 into the picture and he says its ok saar, give the 10. And then shithead one goes to the level of swearing on his mom that he came and put the ticket @ 1840. Geeez. I told him to shoo (screaming at the top of my voice now), gave shithead no.2 5 bucks and said do what you want, I don't care. I'm not giving you one paisa extra and drove off.

In 21 years, I've never screamed at ANYONE the way I did at him yesterday. Never.

And then I notice that the ticket he's given me is invalid. Bloody hell. He got away with that.

PS : Just thinking about the incident makes me angry for some reason, so I'm putting it here and I'm done with it.

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