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Karthikeyan in Orbit

Copse is taken in fifth gear, and flat out; it is easy to make out if the driver lifts off or brakes, both prompting a nasty mid-corner gear change from the semi-automatic gearbox.

The Ferrari grew bigger, blurred out, and created a near-sonic boom as it passed us and screamed through Copse. On its tail was Karthikeyan in the Jaguar, and as the two silhouettes faded into the haze, there was no break in the engine note, no gear shift.

Just the heady howl of two F1 engines, flat out. I remember exchanging glances with Chandhok, who was also speechless. To us, Karthikeyan was already in orbit.

Later, the time sheet would be proof: Karthikeyan, in a one-year-old test mule Jaguar (ancient and obsolete by F1 standards) had lapped Silverstone in 1:26.140 on the 13th (of 15) laps — three seconds slower than Schumacher, who was out for 58 laps.

From the Business Standard, Life & Leisure. Complete article here.

I can't wait for March.

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