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Aero India 2005

That's the Sukhoi Su-30 @ Aero India 2005. I'd say the icing on the cake. Big, Majestic, Powerful. And then our super duper display team, the Suryakirans.

Rest of the 200 odd photos are up here.

The whole Air show was superb, and the difference between the last air show and this in terms of foreign participation was really noticable. The two USAF F-15E Strike Eagles were only on static display and the reason given by one of the pilots to us was that the runway at Yelahanka (now at 7,600 ft from the earlier 7,250 ft) is just the bare minimum required for the fighter to take off and land and that they needed special clearance from the C-in-C just to land here for the display. Heh. But that's one super plane.

Came back feeling really happy and satisfied. Aero India is shaping out into a really good, world-class event.

PS : Also confirmed during the Air Show that phirang guys fall flat on their face for Indian girls.
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