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Team Radio

Albert Park is a nice circuit...the rain just makes it better :p

Narain Karthikeyan had a good Q lap in pretty wet conditions, nice to see him catch the car as it fish-tailed a bit towards the end.

The best moment was when Felipe Massa came out on dry tyres and the heavens just opened he did the sensible thing and pulled off the racing line and was going real slow when the Ferrari of Schumacher goes by him in a flash. Schumacher had time to change his tyres before coming out and was on wets. About 10 secs after Schumacher goes by, Massa's radio crackles to life : "Felipe, Micheal is on track so if you see him, give way." (or something to that effect..)


PS : 0430 IST tomorrow if you want to catch the second qualifying live...

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