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Post B'day trauma and other stories...

After having a wonderful B'day with so many wishes....I managed to fall violently ill. Came home feeling sick and ended up emptying lunch about 5 hours after I had it. Not fun. And then the stomach pains set in. Went over to the doc, got an injection to stop the vomiting and stomach pain, came back armed with meds. The pains subsided around 2330 and that's when the fever decided to creep in. High fever till about 0800 in the morning of the 25th. Was in bed all day.

Managed to make it to the match today with rythm. Was fun watching Sehwag's 201 :) I did take a few pics, if they've come out fine, will put them up later.

My stomach is now messed again. This is bad.

In other news, my Gentoo USB Guide went live a couple of hours back. Here is swift's post regarding the same. Gentoo now has a cool site, where all the Dev blogs are "aggregated" and you just hit that site and see em all.

I'm going bonkers with happiness and pain. I better go sleep now.

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