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Windows Effing 98

I hate the very thought of working on a windows machine. And now, I don't have a i'm trying my best to adjust with a Win 98 box I have at my uncle's place. I can't use knoppix coz that doesn't have rp-pppoe and I need rp-pppoe to connect via Dataone (or do I? will explore in a while).

To compound things, Yahoo! Messenger has been causing Illegal ops for the last 5 mins, every single time I login. Now that's very pissing off. I'm a very IMmy person. I live on IM. WTF is wrong with the goddamned OS?

Off to see if I can install FC2 here. I don't have FC3 with me its either Ubuntu, RH9, Gentoo or FC2. I think FC2 is decent. Maybe I'll wipe out the last two windows partitions and install Linux. We shall see.

In other news, offical work is done. Went on pretty well. If Madras had the weather Bangalore has it'll be an even more awesome place. Can't have everything in one place can you? :)

PS : The damn messenger just spewed out a million messages. I can't reply to any. I'm getting Linux on this box. Now.
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