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This post should have gone up a while back....but then, kinda forgot.

Indian Airlines has improved quite a bit since the last time I flew them. They still have "aunty" Air Hostesses, but apart from that, things have changed. I flew the Airbus A320 which is a pretty small plane. The first things I noticed was the upholstery (was actually neat and clean) and the overhead luggage spaces all had proper doors. And they stayed shut during take-off. w00t!!! So far so good. The pilot used prolly the bare minimum take off distance, and the feel of the engines kicking in felt nice after 10 years :)

Air Deccan on the return was not bad at all!! The flight was scheduled to depart at 2150, but we boarded the flight only at 2205. And then there were only 15 of us on the ATR42-500. When I saw the plane, I was like "Geeeeez. I'm flying a freakinf prop back to B'lore?????" and I've never been in a propeller plane before, so I wasn't exactly happy at the prospect. But the flight was quite enjoyable. Again, the plane was new...and the max cruising altitude was 16,000 feet. And that was the best part. Throughtout the journey, I could see the cities and towns below...and didn't realise how soon the 50 mins had gone by when Vanessa (the sole air hostess on the flight) announced that we'll be landing in B'lore shortly. We touched down at 2250 sharp, which meant that the flight was on time. :) Yay!

Bangalore International Airport is a freaking Air Field. It is NOT an Airport. AIR FIELD, with an ATC. That's all. On the other hand, the Madras Airport, Domestic terminal is now awesome. The last time I saw it, it was dirty, stinking, and what not!!!. Spic and Span is something I'd associate with Airports in Dubai, Sri Lanka and Singapore...but I'm quite happy to say Madras can now be added onto the list. Sparkling clean floors, awesome plasma screens for entertainment and flight info apart from the cool rotating info boards (which are like the standard in Airports the world over). Security checks were quite thorough though in both Madras and Bangalore.

Nice. I don't mind flying frequently :p
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