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US Grand Prix : Qualifying

And then there was no Star Sports or ESPN. Nice way to spend a saturday....missing out on the premiership matches & then F1 qualifying.... arrggggghhhhh. I wonder what happened all of a sudden to the cable chaps. Maybe they forgot to pay ESPN & Star Sports some amount of cash. Someone's gonna get a blasting tomm morning.

Coming back, seems like an exciting GP tomm :) As I wite this the last of the drivers are on track & the top 6 are Kimi, Rubeno, Panis (yeah yeah, One Aim Toyota guys are doing a good job) Montoya, Ralf & Alonso. Schumi is donw in 7th place & then the worlds *best* sucker of all time....none other than *drumroll* David Coulthard.

The cable guys better fix this up in 24 hours....
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