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San Marino GP & Weekend Stories

First up, those who wrote off (or even tried to write off) Ferrari and Michael Schumacher can go screw themselves :)

There are sportsmen. Then there are the greats of the sport. Then come the gods. Michael Schumacher, Sachin Tendulkar, Tiger Woods etc are without doubt, gods.

They have nothing to prove. They've excelled in their respective sport. And yet, there is this burning desire that never goes away....they keep coming back. From the dead, or otherwise. The overtaking move that Schumi pulled off on Button was simply awesome. It showed how charged up he was about not having finished anywhere close to the podium in this season. Kudos to Alonso for keeping him at bay during the last 10 laps and driving a good, defensive line. Both Schumi and Button thanked their teams for slogging it out in the time between Bahrain and Imola to give them cars that ran till the end. Ferrari and BAR are now back in the fray. Renault, watch out.

I'm pissed off with McLaren. I feel they don't deserve to have a driver like Kimi. Why? teemus, an ardent McLaren supporter gives us enough reasons here. They're just not pulling together as a top team should. They've not been doing that since Mika left. I don't know why. His last season was also a disaster and although this year seemed promising, they better get back into the fray pretty fast, or they'll be left behind.

Saturday night was fun, saw a live Bharatnatyam performance (by one of our seniors in college), an Arengetram. She's been dancing for almost 16 years now. The movements and expressions were so beautiful to watch. Most of today was spent meeting up with old friends + seniors for lunch. Good fun. Pretty energising weekend all in all.
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