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GP, Sickness and other Stories

At last Kimi won a race. Showed what he can do if the car stays in one piece. Neat.

I think Ferrari have major issues with Bridgestone more than anything else. The fact that only 3 teams in F1 are sticking with Bridgestone doesn't actually help. Ferrari and the perpetual tail-enders, Jordan and Minardi. Which means Bridgestone don't really get all that much feedback. The tyres aren't able to handle the speed of the Ferrari, since the Jordans haven't had any tire issues so far AFAIK.

I've been sick since Friday, with a sore throat. The throat is okay, but its progressed into a cold...and headaches. Not good.

Other stories? We're expecting a plethora of guests throughtout vacations et al. The first few land up on the 11 I think. I'm very sleepy now. Nite!
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