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Formula 1 Round 16 : United States Grand Prix...

What an amazing race :) It just so clearly shows that Micheal Schumacher is the man to beat & that experience is the best teacher ... He has all the experience he needs & boy did he make that count !!

Montoya's drive thru *may* have been slightly harsh in terms of his chances of winning the championship, but personally I felt he did a bit too much of his wheel to wheel driving & was responsible for poor old Rubeno going out of the race. Kimi was cool as usual & ran a fantastic few laps towards the end to move up into 2nd place.

Our sucker (who other than David "Sucker" Coulthard) did suck :) as no big deal about it (gosh his middle name should be sucker, sounds really nice!!) & Frentzen ran a nice race as well.

As a tifosi, am glad. Glad that this race turned out so well for Schumi after the horrible few laps in the earlier part of the race. As a Formula 1 fan, am glad that this season has been *so* much more exciting & close in terms of both the drivers & constructers championships, when compared to the last 2-3 seasons.

Looking forward to Suzuka...& Looking forward to see Micheal Schemacher lift the championship for a world record 6th time :)

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