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Observations of the Day

  1. A couple of signals work thru the night in Bangalore city, like Kasturba Road and GPO/Vidhana Soudha junction.

  2. No caution lights, full signal with timers were on at 0345 today morning.

  3. People don't care a damn about signals or caution lights. They jump them both with equal speed. Sigh

  4. Saw one near miss at Vellara Junction at around 0340. Very very close shave for a BPO Taxi and a Nandini (Hotel) delivery van, both coming at right angles to each other.

  5. Trains scheduled to reach Cantt at 0355 do finally arrive at 0525. Once in a while. Just to piss the living hell out of me.

  6. Atleast two auto drivers have to fight at Cantt for a patron. And use the best of language while doing it.

  7. Python is a nice language. After PHP, I'm really starting to like Python.


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