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Had a flat tyre on the way back home from work. Tubeless tyres are the way to go. 325 bucks blown coz some damn nail on the road decided my tyre looked nice. This is the second puncture and tube change in 2005 I guess. Invariably a puncture results in a tube change since the tube gets easily damaged if you drive for more than 50 metres or so with the punctured tyre. Gaaah.

Also it seems the 165/80 tubeless isn't available, so the dude was recommending we go for the 170/70. Needs to be seen.

What do you do when you have a flat tyre? Change it yourself (like I do) and then head to a mechanic or call for help?

PS : rattle_snake stopped by at the puncture spot to see if things are okay on his way home from work :) Thanks dude!

Edit : Slight correction, its 165/80 and not 30 as I earlier mentioned. Also, the Italian version of the Palio uses Goodyear 175/70 radials...which is what I guess we'll change to. Eventually.
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