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The Book Meme - Passed on by vyshnavi

1) Total number of books owned?
Tons. Too many to count.

2) The last book bought?
Robert Jordan - Crossroads of Twilight - Book 10 of The Wheel of Time

3) The last book you read?
Michael Crichton - State of Fear

4) 5 books that mean a lot to me?

  1. Fist of God & Icon - Fredrick Forsythe. I've read all of his books. Awesome stuff.

  2. The Final Diagnosis & Detective - Arthur Hailey. Again, super stuff...amazing amount of research goes into the books.

  3. Isaac Asimov - The Foundation Series.

  4. Micheal Crichton - Timeline, Disclosure. I've read almost all of his books too.

  5. Dr. Bruce Fogle - Caring for your Dog. Nice comprehensive encyclopedia about dogs :)

5) Passed on to

And anyone else who's interested :)

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