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Met nash_da_basher and premshree on Friday. Since fugney didn't show up, I got his share of sweets. For the record, those sweets are simply awesome!!! Thanks nash :)

My heart leapt with joy on seeing Kimi's front right tyre blow up on the last lap of the European Grand Prix. I was hoping and praying that the tyre would give way and that did eventually happen. Yay! Anything bad happens to McLaren == Good for me.

Dataone is one of those nice things that happened to India. Now if only they removed the bandwidth limit....

Some roads are still blocked around the 4th T block area. Didn't rain tonight.

Labradors are awesome. Labrador puppies are even more awesome!

Alpha uses sys-fs/devfs to satisfy virtual/dev-manager in case of a stage 2 or 3. sys-fs/udev otherwise. Need to find out what HPPA does.

Need to switch to udev. Will prolly do that at work first, and then at home. On Gentoo. FC3 already comes with udev, so it ain't fun.

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