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4 Days...

Atlast :)) 4 whole days of hols...which means we'll have to go back to college only on the 6th.

Having said that, wonder how am going to spend the 4 days...of course there's Warcraft 2 (coz 3 won't run on my comp I guess) & Hitman 2 : Silent Assasin (which has been kinda abandoned since the new HDD came to life). Not to forget the 3 projects we're supposed to be doing this sem duh!!. One on Networking, one to exploit the Graphical Capabilities of Java & another based on CGI + HTML.
I haven't even thought about the topics properly...let alone start on them hehe...& if I don't get started sometime soon, it'll all end up being a huge pain in the wrong place at the end...
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