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Canadian GP

Pretty interesting race, with Button and Schumi losing out on the start. Both the Renualts looked in awesome shape until Fisichella's car developed problems with its hydraulic systems and Alonso did exactly what Karthikeyan did, overdo the braking on the turn and slam into the wall, damaging the rear tyre and suspension in the process. At this stage, it was looking like a McLaren 1-2 finish with Montoya in the lead...and then Button decided to do an Alonso-Karthikeyan on the start-finish straight.

Out comes the safety car, Monotya is the last of the front-runners to pit and in his hurry get back out misses the Red light on the pit lane :) I was jumping for joy when he was black flagged for that (Yes, I'm a Ferrari fan). Not much drama from then on, race finished with Kimi taking another victory, with Michael and Rubeno on 2 and 3. Was nice to see Flavio Briatore really pissed off after Alonso's race was over. Heh.

On an unrelated note, Spike's been having slight fever. Took him to the vet on Saturday and he's due for another visit today.
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