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Will Indianapolis see F1 Again?

That's the question on the minds of the most ardent fans of the sport I guess as it is on mine. Indy's chiefs will "evaluate their position" with regards to the future of F1 racing there. Sad. I've seen countless entries on blogs all over, here's my viewpoint.

Michelin needs to take the brunt of the blame/they are the primary reason for everything that happened. Why? Because they are world class tyre manufacturers and they didn't take into account that the section at Turn 13 had been re-laid so as to provide more grip for the Indy cars and hence their tyres could not handle the G-Forces caused at that turn. Boo-Boo. Michelin did do the sensible thing asking the teams they supply to not run the race due to safety reasons and the teams in turn were perfectly right in pulling out their cars because we can't afford to have 14 "Ralf Schumacher style" horrible crashes on turn 13. As the commentators mentioned, the tyres are built to handle punctures to a certain extent, not sudden deflation when the car is going at 300+ Kmph.

Next, Ferrari. They played spoilsport by blocking the chicane that could have made the race possible, but then...all they saw was the 19 + 19 points in the driver's and constructor's championships. That said, they've always been ruthless and selfish, they weren't the favorites of the American crowd and although their decision to race can't be held entirely against them, they've lost a little more after Sunday. Barrichello was right in the press conference when he said : "It wasn’t our problem, people probably won’t understand that because they seem to be sad… you know, there were a lot of people out there still watching us but they will think that we had the problem, but obviously Bridgestone has been working very hard, they brought the right tyre here and we were feeling very good.". Kudos to Brigdestone for not fubarring the way Michelin did....

Jordan were apparently supposed to *not* run, expressing solidarity with the rest of the teams and Minardi would follow suit. Apparently, they stayed out and Paul Stoddart was forced to keep his cars out as he later revealed in his press release. We're only competing with Jordan and when they stayed out, I can't keep my cars from racing....

So who's the biggest loser? Not Michelin, Not Ferrari. F1 and its fans are. As a Formula 1 fan for the last 7 years or so, I feel extremely disappointed to have watched an Indy GP with 6 cars. My respect for David Coulthard shot up by a zillion points when he said on his pit to car radio during the warm-up lap something to the effect of "If the team hasn't decided by the end of this lap, I'm racing." Hats off to you Coulthard. You're not a Sucker anymore.
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