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Long, Late Update

Let's start with Saturday. Venus Willams made an amazing comeback (as much as I hate to accept it) to win her first title after 2001. The way she went beserk after winning was amazing. Live 8 was truly awesome, and is something that I'll never forget. The cause is really important too and the ads showing how people suffer due to poverty were heart-wrenching. Lots of sleep happened somewhere in between.

Sunday was the Men's final, Federer making short work of Roddick, yet again. Was wonderful to watch. The French GP was nice, after the screw up at Indianapolis, it was nice to see a proper race. Alonso seems to be inching away with the championship.

I just realised that this isn't that long an update, it still is late. Ah well.
Tags: f1, grand slams, racing, tennis, weekend, wimbledon 2005

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