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F1 + Tour de France

TDF first. Lance Armstrong rocks. Words cannot express how far he's come after winning his battle with Cancer. Way to go Lance, you are an inspiration for the millions out there.

F1. In the years Ferrari + Michael were champions (consecutively, 1999-2004) how many mechanical failures did the car have? Probably less than 10 on the day of the race, across both cars. 15 at most. Now that is consistency. No wonder they were able to hold on as champs for the period they did. Personally, I feel that if Rory Bryne had designed the F2005 and had Bridgestone done a wee bit more homework, Ferrari would be really competing for the title this year as well. Mclaren/Mercedes really need to take a leaf out of Ferrari's consistency book if they ever want to win another title in F1. The Mclarens have the pace, the aerodynamics, the tyres, the drivers. Everything but an engine that won't run the full race or blow up in practice. Wake up dudes. Fast.

Schumi did all he could with an underperforming car, holding back Giancarlo as long as he could :)

Yes, I jumped again when Kimi's car went kaput. Only for a second, but I had to celebrate.
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