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I was fiddling with Google Maps and chanced upon this high-res image of the Delhi International Airport Palam AFS. Pretty neat. You can see the runway numbers really clearly..10 and 28, the second runway is 09 and 27 and an aircraft taking off (or landing) from (on) 28, another taxiing towards the same. You can also see the aerodrome and lots of planes. Neat. We need high-res shots of Bangalore and fast :) A zoomed out shot is available here.

Screenshots have been removed since they're in violation of Google Local - Terms and Conditions.

Managed to watch The Italian Job on Saturday and loved every bit of it. Neat, slick, fast, cool movie. And it had Charlize Theron. :D

Happy Indpendence Day!

Update, 29 Sept : That shot is apparently the Palam Air Base according to this article on The Register. Explains the blue hangars as well. Now I'm confused.
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