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My new graphics card blew up today. Well, it just stopped working. I booted into Windows since dad needed to work on some office stuff. A few seconds later, the screen goes blank. I thought it must be a Windows hang-up as usual and reboot the box. POST gives me a long beep and three short ones. Great. Just what I needed to hear.

This is a classic case/example to prove old hardware lying around is useful. Shoved in the "old-faithful" Rive TNT2 Ultra....and viola, system is up and running. So that's a blown GeForce FX 5200. Thankfully it's under warranty and I'll take it down to my dealer tomorrow to have it replaced (hopefully).

I'm typing this with myriad lines of varying shades of grey on the screen. Better than no screen at all :)

PS : I think Windows blew up the card. ;)
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