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Jo and 50k!

Jo and 50k!
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Sarees kick ass. As in I think they really define the Indian woman. They have this awesome charm, make the wearer look really beautiful...

Jyothika is beautiful. No doubt. She carries off anything she wears. Not many people can do that. Jo in a saree is a deadly combo.

RmKV kinda figured that out and boy oh boy did they cash in on that. She's the new face of RmKV. She promotes the now famous (atleast for us from TN) 50,000 shades in a single saree that costs a rupee per shade and is selling quite well.

This massive billboard was changed on the 15 Sept to RmKV's new Ad, for Diwali. Also featuring Jo, this one goes by the name of "Indha Colour Promise" and you'll get sarees from RmKV in any of those 50,000 shades. Cool.

Saree ads in Madras rock ;) A Close-up and the actual saree
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