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And So..

Fernando Alonso takes over the place that was Schumi's for a few years running. The McLarens were awesome in the Brazilian GP and had they had this car/setup in the beginning of the season, I guess we'd have seen a Kimikrieg throughout. Heck, if they didn't have the number of engine failures that pushed him down 10 places...he'd still be there and fighting. Ah well.

As an ardent Ferrari fan, it does feel kinda odd to not be winning :D It also gives you a perspective on what the "others" felt all along...which is say the least. I'm looking forward to 2006, I'm sure the F2006 will come back to kick some arse and hard. The ideal scenario would be to have 3-4 teams say Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and BAR with awesome cars and fighting it out till the last race.

JPM's finally broke his "one race a year only" jinx by winning at Interlagos. His new helmet design is cool :)

Note : As code_martial pointed out, Interlagos was JPM's 3rd title this year.
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