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All it takes is Visa

I thought the Visa card ad starring Richard Gere was in the ad come out well overall...

Now, they have this kickass ad doing the rounds. It has Catherine Zeta-Jones in it, but this time, she's not the reason the ad is good. You have to see the ad to understand why. They have Orangutans in it and have enacted the whole "cap seller falls asleep - monkeys wear caps - cap seller offers bananas for caps" story and it rocks.

Clemenger BBDO are the original agency (I guess concept etc) and the ad was shot in Malaysia with the help of Applebox Asia who seem to have quite a few ads to their credit.

You can see this ad on their site, but then it's a very low res version and does no justice to the real ad. Ah well, something is better than nothing. You should be able to catch the ad on AXN/Star World in India for now.

For the lazy bums, the ad is available here and needs Quicktime.

This ad is surely one of the best I've seen in recent times and also apparently is rated amongst the top 10 most liked ads in Australia. I'm unable to get the Visa Australia site to open can't post the link to that.

Update: More hunting around led me to another one of my fav ads for Visa, the one with Pierce Brosnan/Bond in Thailand. Super. Download this from here.
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