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Today isn't one of those "nice" days. First up, every tom, dick, harry and their brothers and sisters are on strike. Then, God decides to water his minions early in the morning with more seemingly lined up in intervals throughout the day. Driving in the rain is fine, as long as your internal climate control system (read AC but hey, the former sounds cooler) doesn't give up on you abruptly. Mine did and I had to stop and wipe the windscreen internally which I just hate doing. Opening the windows wasn't an option since I tried that and got splashed by a fellow citizen. Thank you!

BSNL and VSNL then decide to play their games.

From within VSNL

Host Loss%
1. 0.0%
2. 0.0%
3. 0.0%
4. 0.0%
5. 0.0%

And from BSNL

Hostname %Loss
1. gateway 0%
2. 0%
3. 0%
4. 0%
5. 0%
6. 2%
7. 0%
8. 0%
9. 0%
10. 0%
11. 40%

Crazy. The problem resolved itself like 5 mins ago after 2 hours or so.
Tags: bsnl, dataone, god, strike, weather

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