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About Time :)

The new Goodyear GPS2 tubeless radials arrived today and are now happy fitted on the Palio. W00t!!!

New tyres are awesome. It now feels like I have power steering. Turns are smooth and whatnot, the car has a bite :)

While my new tyres were being fitted, another chap drove up in his Zen and I noticed that his nice directional tyres were fitted the wrong way. Crud. Why do you have directional tyres if you a) Don't know what they do and b) Don't know how they're supposed to be fitted!!!! I pointed it out to him and explained for 5 minutes that his tyres were fitted wrong and that he's messing up both tyre and performance. He promised to get them fitted correctly. Duh.
Tags: 165/80r13, car, goodyear, tyres

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