Shyam Mani (fox2mike) wrote,
Shyam Mani

When a wall collapses....

Maruti 800
Originally uploaded by fox2mike.
On a Maruti 800, this is the end result. Around 0400 on Sunday morning, thanks to the heavy rains and the incessant digging without any precaution by Salapuria, the huge stone wall holiding up quite a bit of earth gave way and fell on the cars parked below totalling about 8 of them in the process.

The wall was put up almost 10 years ago and was holding up fine until Salarpuria purchased the land to contruct a major IT firm's 15 storey office complex right in the heart of the residential area of Jayanagar. They proceeded to clear up the trees (a large number) and then dug it up, piling quite a bit of earth up against the walls, which gave way. I hope someone takes their trip over this. This should have come on the local TV news by now...and might be in the papers today. Some more snaps at up at Flickr. Oh and the slightly eerie bit is I was discussing this wall with rythm, rattle_snake and theju over lunch on Saturday and how tall a 15 storey building would tower over our apartment complex...
Tags: disasters, landslide, wall collapse

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