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One fine night on #gentoo-doc,

22:36:17 <@fox2mike> Groningen
22:36:28 <@fox2mike> is that pronounced Gro nin gen ?
22:38:03 < rane> we still didn't agree how to pronounce Gentoo...
22:38:13 < rane> and wonder how to say Groningen? :)
22:39:18 <@neysx> Gentoo pronunciation is explained in the faq, groningen: depends on where you live
22:39:35 < rane> we should provide an mp3 with it

22:40:39 < rane> so, who's got a good voice and microphone? :)
22:42:47 <@fox2mike> I have a mic
22:43:09 <@fox2mike> quick way to correctly record sound?
22:43:27 < nightmorph> in gnome, there's the sound recorder utility
22:43:45 <@fox2mike> nightmorph: brilliant :)
22:47:46 <@fox2mike> ready to cringe on hearing my voice?

That resulted in (.oggs are up for all these as well)

22:51:06 < rane> you speak just like as i imagine indian guy speaks
22:51:12 < rane> similar to this iraqi in Lost
22:51:13 <@fox2mike> lol
22:51:13 < nightmorph> bwahahahaah
22:51:17 <@fox2mike> dude
22:51:22 <@fox2mike> I could put on accents
22:52:33 < nightmorph> let's hear you do an australian accent, fox2mike
22:52:45 <@fox2mike> nightmorph: american I can pull off easily
22:52:55 <@fox2mike> australian I need to listen to some aussie first
22:53:11 < nightmorph> fox2mike: let me hear the american :)
22:59:36 < nightmorph> okay, now it's time for the american to rate you :)

So, and came into existance...

22:59:41 < rane> hey
22:59:44 < rane> you're good in it
22:59:56 < MetalGOD> yes he is!
23:00:09 <@fox2mike> I need cpw's comment on that :p
23:00:11 < nightmorph> holy crap, you're good!
23:11:21 < cpw> nightmorph: that's so wrong
23:12:38 < cpw> fox2mike is american
23:12:42 < cpw> he doesn't want to admit it

Ended with


PS : Welcome ra_ne (rane in the logs above) to LiveJournal :) He's our Polish Lead Translator...
PPS : nightmorph has a little write-up about this here :)
PPPS : I need new userpics.
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