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Twenty Two to Twenty Three

Spent like the last couple of hours fiddling with the local network setup (that I'm working on at home) only to find out the new LAN card is kaput. Yay! Fixing the LAN card (temporarily) doesn't seem to solve the issue, so there's something beyond just the card and I don't seem to heading towards solving that part just yet.

Fun. Or not really that much when it isn't working :D

Shall be fixed, soon.

For the record, being 23 seems no different than being 22. Yet.

Update: Soon turned out to be about 2 hours after this post :D Figured out that I'd messed up the iptables FORWARD chain rules...and once rectified, everything started automagically working :) Also, seems the LAN card is okay...since there's a 1 year warranty on it, I'm not getting it replaced unless the problem happens again.
Tags: birthday, dell inspiron 4100, laptop, life, trinity
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