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Quite a delayed entry...but better late than never. ti22 & myself reached the Yashwantpur Railway station at around 1930 on the 17th Night. The train (Yashwantpur - Cannanore Express) left about 5 minutes reached, pulled a passenger train stunt on us (by going pretty slowly through most of the journey) and chugged into Calicut 30 minutes late at 0845 the next day.

We caught a cab and headed to NITC, which was a good 22 Kms away from the city. Had enough time to freshen up and grab a quick breakfast after which we headed to the main hall. Found premshree & t3rmin4t0r there (who was compiling pnet on a borrowed lappie. Hehe). Pradeepto's talk was going on and t3 was up next, followed by yours truly.

The talk went well, had a few questions in the end like How Portage handles dependencies and GLSA's as well as Daniel Robbins and Microsoft...and a couple of others I don't remember. The slides are up at

Had lunch and then attended/participated in bluesmoon's talk as well as the BoF that followed. We then decided to catch the sunset and headed back all the way to the city and missed most of the sunset. Had a filling dinner followed by watching Coupling in the company of t3, pradeepto and ash while checking mail & catching up with people over IM/IRC. Coupling is fun and I'm now officially in love with Susan's British accent! :)

Day 2 started off with me reaching the halls in time to see most of kalyan's talk and spent the rest hanging around talking to people etc. say_yes04 wanted to demo Xgl and Pradeepto suggested Kororaa's Gentoo based Xgl LiveCD. So while those two went out to the labs to start the download, the volunteers helped us lay our hands on a cool P4 HT box with an nVidia FX5200 (256 MB) and about 786 MB of system RAM. While shres gave his talk, t3 and myself fiddled to get xgl up and running smoothly.

Wow. Kudos to the Kororaa guys for coming up with the cool idea of getting Xgl onto a LiveCD :) Clicky for a small sample of how Xgl looks...

We had just enough time to get back to Calicut and catch our train which was leaving at 1930. Landed up in B'lore on time and life continued as normal.

Had quite a bit of fun that weekend though :) And a big thanks to NITC & the volunteers for the facilities provided during our stay.

Rest of the snaps are up at
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