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t3rmin4t0r's post on Applications Unknown was fun to read through. I got both 3ddesktop (nothing great in front of xgl, but just works ™) and Stellarium, a planetarium on your desktop (which is awesome) up and running in like no time flat. I want to do some star-gazing, now!!! I'm getting Super Tux as I type this....just for kicks.

My little contribution to that list would be Celestia which allows you to move around in space and fly around objects etc. Real fun.

For the sysad types, (thanks to zoneee) there's this nifty cousin of top called htop which is quite handy and does a lot of stuff you would ideally want to be doing with your process list.

The song is really addictive.
Tags: 3ddesktop, applications, htop, stellarium, supertux, t3rmin4t0r

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