Shyam Mani (fox2mike) wrote,
Shyam Mani

Lost with X-Men 3

Righto. An excellent way to start the weekend, is to go watch X-Men: The Last Stand, especially if you're a fan of X-Men. I am, and I absolutely loved it. Yeah, there are a few sad moments, but I guess this is a pretty nice trilogy. Well done. I'm impressed. Xavier, Pheonix, Cyclops, Magento, Mystique, Wolverine, Storm, Beast...

Just when I was sort of getting over it...I decided to catch up on the season finale of Lost. And boy-oh-boy, yeah, that was so worth it. The only downside now is waiting for Season 3 to begin. Really. Lost has always been fast paced and well written for the most part and now they've really turned the heat on, just like they did at the end of Season 1. And just when you were starting to think that things can't get better, they just stepped it up a few more notches, answered a few questions (yeah, just a few) and managed to leave the viewer hanging and craving for season 3.

Go watch Lost and X-Men 3. Worth spending sometime on ;)
Tags: life, lost, movies, tv series, x-men
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