Shyam Mani (fox2mike) wrote,
Shyam Mani

Sporty Weekend

1) England Vs Ecuador : All I can say is blah. England know they're not playing as well as they can (Beckham said so himself, post-match) and yesterday...they just scraped through. If they're going to play like this...they're going out. I so want them to win this time. Let's hope the pick their game up a few notches. Beckham scoring off a free-kick with his precision was something nice to watch, after a long time.

2) Canadian GP : Missed the first 10 laps or so because of Football. Actually, forgot there was a GP going on. I think this was a really exciting race. Everyone was having braking issues and sliding around, touching walls and whatnot. Thanks to Ralf and good ole Jacques as well as Kimi, Schumi managed to go up to 2nd place. Yay. It was fun to see some really close overtaking. Nice. More F1 analysis in a seperate post.

3) Portugal Vs Netherlands : If you missed this match, you've missed the most violent match in a Fifa World Cup in recent history. Stupid players (on both sides), Stupidest of refs. "Fair play" that Fifa is so particularly interested in promoting was one of the things that were non existant in the match (mostly in the second half) apart from a goal for Netherlands. Everyone was diving, acting and whatnot and cards were flying all over the place. It's a pity that Netherlands didn't convert any of their good chances into a goal...and so it will be England Vs Portugal in the Quarters with Portugal unable to play Costinha and Deco since they're both suspended and a host of other players including Luis "Give him an Oscar damnit!!!" Figo with yellow cards. That said, Maniche's goal was a real beauty and Van Der Sar as well as Ricardo made a couple of really awesome saves.

Ah well, the World Cup is truly alive and kicking now :)
Tags: canadian gp 2006, f1, fifa, fifa world cup 2006, football, sport

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