Shyam Mani (fox2mike) wrote,
Shyam Mani

w0000t for DOS Games

Well, back in 1994, when I got my first ever Creative Multimedia was a big deal. Having a 2x CDROM Drive was an even bigger deal. Along with that pack, came a set of nice games (didn't realise they were nice until quite a few years later). One of the CDs was a combo pack of Syndicate, an awesome strategy + rule the world sort of game based in the future, Strike Commander, about which I've written before, Wing Commander II : Vengeance of the Kilrathi which was a space based game and finally a Diablo style game called Ultima III.

Cutting a long story short, I actually managed to finish WC2 & Strike Commander (somewhere in 1997-98-99) and Syndicate in May 2000 (I know because I've actually written this down in the game manual. I have got to be nuts.).

The other day, on #gentoo-dev (freenode), someone brought up Syndicate. I think it was robbat2 and a couple of us joined in....and well..ferringb pointed me to dosbox. And the rest as they say is history.

I dug out my 12 year old Creative CD, copied stuff off it and am now playing Syndicate (sadly Strike Commander won't work for some silly reason) and have plans to play WC2 again. Finally I can play Transport Tycoon without having to reboot. Finally I got my hands on Fire and Ice for which I've roamed the Internet since 1998 (and then forgot about it till today), after I lost my only working copy.

In this age of Doom 3 and Half-Life 2....I'm quite content playing good old DOS games. It makes for a nice change. Amazing to see the amount of work that went into these games as far back as 1991 (Origin brought out WC2 in 1991) and SC as well as Syndicate were 1993 releases.

fugney, I know you're not the violent types, but you should take a look at Syndicate. And surely Transport Tycoon (I guess you would have, already).

Off to play now, and then catch up on Germany Vs Italy.
Tags: dos, dosbox, games, gentoo, life, nostalgia, strike commander, syndicate, wing commander
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