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In SingLand

Yup, I made it in one piece to Singapore :) Seems the IC flight from BLR - SIN is usually the one having all the problems, the one I flew left Bangalore 2.5 hours late and caused a good number of people to miss their connecting flights from Changi.

The first few days were a daze, nice hotel room, new smells and sights (photos shall follow later). Moved into the condo towards the end of the first week and love the place as well.

Office is on the 34th floor, giving us a fairly good view of Sentosa Island and surrounding areas.

Singapore is better than I last saw it in 1990 (obviously), the public transport systems are just fabulous (I'm a sucker for MRT systems and I love the ones in Madras just as much). Little India is aptly named, you'll find a copy of India there on weekends...tons of Indians in a place :)

Since Tamil is one of the official languages and also since quite a few people know the language here, I find myself using it quite often. Yay!

Yet to do some sightseeing, since work has been generally on the tighter side. Have been jogging and swimming and yes, it does feel good to have some regular exercise.

My T630 phone locked here and Sony said they can't do anything without losing my data. If you'd like to keep in touch, please leave your number here, I'll add you to my phone book. Comments are screened.

PS : Felt very homesick for an hour a few days back. Wanted to head back home...but the feeling passed, things are much better now.

PPS : Oh yeah, Schumi won the Chinese GP :D Awesome race, managed to watch it all live here and enjoyed every moment of it. Nice to see a sulky Alonso, I'm sure I'll see more of that next season when his McLaren doesn't finish races ;)
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