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Schumi & his bad luck...

Ahhh another really exciting F1 race @ the Hockenheim circuit...I really don't know whom to blame for the first corner crash b/w Rubens, Kimi & Ralf... seemed like Ralf really moved a bit too much to his left, squeezing out Rubens & Kimi.

All said & done, sad to lose 6 cars before 2 laps of a 67 lap race ! & then Schumi pulls off an amazing overtaking move on Trulli & i was jumping all over the place much to the amusement of my Dad..until pftttttt he had to blow a about the first time in 3 years...he's had a shot of bad luck. Poof went the chances & he slipped from 2 to 7 place after the pit stop to change the blown tire.

All credit to Juan Pablo for a truly amazing race. He just kept going on & on & on & on...61.6 was his lead when took the chequered flag. Nice car, nice pit stops & nice cool head..was completely his day & i did watch the presentation for him (i really hate to see sucker on the podium, oh & in case yer wondering, sucker=DC, he really just sucks!!!).

Cleaned up room a lil more today....accccckk more garbage around now sigh & had a long chat with sandeeprao Oh & the current song is for you dude!

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