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With the latest first :

300 : In one word, awesome. The tale of King Leonidas and 300 of his finest men defending Sparta against the great Persian King, Xerxes. Managed to catch the last show of the first day and it was worth it. The graphics are excellent, the film is a little gory at times. It's a story well told and a battle brilliantly depicted. The score is quite modern, but very nice. Found some of the beasts quite unrealistic , but that's that. Go watch this.

Dreamgirls : Pretty normal Harold Robbins kind of story about 3 girls who dream big and finally realise their dreams. I personally liked the music and the movie on the whole, but nothing too special. A nice one nevertheless, good performances by Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy and the n00b Oscar winner, Jennifer Hudson.

Ghost Rider : Blah. I wonder why Cage took the role, to be honest. There's nothing in the movie, the story is straight and well, apart from the graphics there really is nothing. I think this one is purely for the comic book fans. Not worth wasting time in the theatre on this one.
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