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Time really does fly :) Turned 24 on March 24th and the weekend was a blast. Spent the Saturday lazing and stepping out in the evening for some "exploration", photos and some awesome Turkish/Arabic food. Had Falafel after almost 12 years!!!. Thanks to everyone who wished via Phone/Email/Orkut/IM. Sunday was spent with friends and had a blast. Had been to the Jurong Bird Park a few weeks earlier and tons of photos are now up on thought I'd post a few I liked the most here :

Moon and Minaret

Somehow, the feeling that these birds aren't free is still playing on my mind. They're well cared for, probably better than most places in the world, but it's freedom that is above everything else I guess.

Have a few things to write I guess I'll be making a few posts in the near future.
Tags: birds, birthday, jurong bird park, life, photos

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