Shyam Mani (fox2mike) wrote,
Shyam Mani

Sepang, Day 1

Nico Says Hello

That's Nico Rosberg being pushed back in after his first practice session on Friday. I reached Sepang only by 1100 on the first day, so I caught 30 mins of the first session. The KLIA Ekspress is a very affordable + fast way to get to the Sepang Circuit which is about 80 Kms outside KL. For RM 100 (Around US$30 approx) this train takes you from the main train station in KL to the Airport from where AC buses ferry you to Sepang which is about 7-10 Kms away and return you back to the station from where you catch the train back. The RM 100 is for 3 days, it's RM 80 for raceday only. The train is amazing, makes 3 stops and covers 80 Kms is about 35 mins or so. Compared to a one way fare of RM 70 if you take a cab from the city, it's a killer deal.

Rest of the photos from Day 1. Some interesting ones :

1) Mika Hakkinen.
2) Robert Kubica, 1, 2 and 3.
3) Lewis Hamilton (only got his back though...)
4) Jarno Trulli (looking right ahead...seems like he was looking at the cam heh)
5) Marshals cleaning the track after Sutil's tyre blew up.

More pics soon :)
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