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I really needed to write down this experience simply because it reminded me once again that we take things for granted...

I was happily watching Proof Of Life (in fact switching b/w that & the worst bond movie Pierce Bronsnan made, The World is not Enough. Sophie Marceau is *the* reason for putting myself thru that torture again) when the phone rings & eets tells me someone we know in common is not well. Whats worse is that the person is at Sri krishna Sevashrama, & they wanted him to be shifted to Sanjay Gandhi !!! Of all the hospitals on the planet, an Indian Govt. one is the last one on earth i'd put someone I know in.

So off we go at about 2305 & pick him up from there, get him over to Sagar Apollo where the duty doctor wanted him to be admitted as his fever had not subsided in 3 days... While we were calling up his parents & things like that, there was a family waiting outside (they were there even before we arrived) & quite a large number of people, most of them in tears. We did find out later on that they had lost a loved one & the harsh realities of life hit me hard on the face. One day your here, next your not.

Finally we get our sick chap admitted on the second floor, make sure he's all comfy & things and as eets & myself were preparing to leave the floor, I saw a glimpse of jet black something a nurse was holding in her arms at the nursing station. I went back, only to see that it was a newborn baby, maybe an hour or so old at the max... & god she was beautiful. I assumed its a she because she was wrapped in a pink blanket (dumb assumption, but it'll do for now & avi didn't want the baby to be a he lol). She was the really most amazing, wonderful, beautiful little bundle I have ever seen. At almost 0145 in the night & new to this world, she was sleeping happily while the nurse held her. There was this really pink flush on her cheeks & she was no bigger than the size of my forearm. There was the pleasant side of life showing itself & I actually went back to see her again. eets was amazed at how much hair she had (knowing his love for hair hehe) & avi was deeply moved by her cheeks.

It was as if there was one clear message : Never take anything in Life for granted
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