Shyam Mani (fox2mike) wrote,
Shyam Mani

The Ferrari Devil

The Ferrari Devil, originally uploaded by fox2mike.

The best part of all the 3 days, was raceday. Why? Because that's when you realise that you're normal and you see how many other people are atleast just as crazy or even more crazy that you are about the sport. The whole atmosphere was awesome. So many motorsport fans in one place....

I was wearing my Ferrari shirt as I came down for breakfast that day at the hotel and everyone looked at me like I was part of the team. Hah, felt good ;) The same thing on the monorail, random people would smile...a fellow Ferrari fan from some corner of the globe would nod or wave. And everyone in general knew what the deal was all about.

The rest of the snaps are being uploaded, a few hundred more to go...I'm off to sleep now.

Tags: day3, f1, ferrari, formula1, malaysia, petronas malaysian grand prix 2007, raceday, racing, sepang, sport

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